Our Story

In 2017, psoriasis flared up in my scalp which I had never had before. I was itching my scalp to the point where it was bleeding and it soon got infected.

To cover it up, I was pulling and styling my hair certain ways that meant that I developed traction alopecia and my hair started to fall out in patches.

I went to the doctors on countless occasions and was given various steroid creams, shampoos and was told to wash my hair thrice a day, as well as being told my hair wouldn’t grow back. I was so close to giving up!

This was the beginning of what has now become Earth Elixir Haircare. Three things pushed me to start making these products:

  • The need for completely natural haircare– which I was unable to find.
  • I had just completed my degree in Forensic Science, during which I had studied hair thoroughly. As well as, the knowledge I had of Ayurvedic haircare.
  • I was pregnant with my second child, a girl and I wanted to have products that I would be comfortable using her hair. I really wanted her to grow up enjoying her hair, knowing how to look after it and having products she could trust.

So, I got to work on my first products in the kitchen! Before too long, my bald patches started growing and my hair was thriving like never before. 

The growth, thickness, condition and shine was incredible and so I started to share my products with family and friends who also got amazing results. Now I'm sharing these products with you! 

These products are completely natural and are all plant-based. They don't even contain preservatives, hence an element of preparation required for the hair tea. 

 I wanted the products to stay as true to the formulas that have worked so well for me. I wanted it to be as if you have made them fresh in your very own kitchen but without the time, effort and mess that comes with it!

Earth Elixir Haircare has now become a family business with myself, my husband and even our children getting involved! We hope you enjoy your natural, Ayurvedic haircare.

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